About us

Kashida is an acclaimed product design studio creating bespoke design pieces based on 3D Arabic calligraphy. Questioning the traditional visual manifestations of calligraphy on scrolls and architectural facades, the team sought to bring these beautiful letterforms to life. Their aim was to transcend the classic ornamental approach to calligraphy by creating functional design pieces that respond to people’s ergonomic and lifestyle needs.

Just as the ‘kashida’ glyph bridges between two Arabic letters in a single word, Kashida bridges between calligraphy and product design. Since 2011, Kashida has been creating unique pieces using various design and production methods, spreading its brand name from the Middle East to the world.

Elie Abou Jamra - CEO
Mirna Hamady - Creative Director

Both typography lovers and product design enthusiasts from Lebanon, Abou Jamra and Hamady joined forces to co-found Kashida in Beirut, Lebanon. The duo hold design degrees from the American University of Beirut and have professionally trained in branding, publication design, and interior design. Driven by the mission of celebrating the beauty of Arabic calligraphy through functional design objects, Hamady and Abou Jamra believe in transcending what is purely ornamental to what is aesthetically functional, while always staying true to the basic element of each design: Arabic calligraphy.