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  1. Ahlamina Coffee Table

    Ahlamina Coffee Table


    An iconic coffee table featuring multiple marble tops, this piece reads 'la natubu an ahlamina mahma takarrara inkisareha', a famous verse by Arab poet Mahmoud Darwish. The phrase literally translates to 'one does not give up on his/her dreams, even if they are recurrently shattered'. Learn More
  2. Ahlan w Sahlan console

    Ahlan w Sahlan console


    An entrance table that literally welcomes you into your home, this piece is based on the typical Arabic greeting phrase: Ahlan wa Sahlan. Its semi-circular top is supported by the elongated Kufic calligraphy. Learn More
  3. Arabesque dining table - Partial

    Arabesque dining table - Partial


    Inspired by traditional arabesque patterns, the table boasts intricate woodwork repetitions of the word ‘Salam’, Arabic for ‘peace’. The pattern has been constructed closely enough to block any cutlery from passing through the table. Learn More
  4. Kufic C-Tables

    Kufic C-Tables


    Here’s a design born to make things more comfortable for you: beautiful c-tables which slide perfectly under your couch. Available in two designs based on the Arabic words Khayr (good) and Hayat (life), these tables are wonderful accents to your living space. Learn More
  5. Letter Side Tables

    Letter Side Tables


    Ever thought of personalised side tables to accentuate your living space? Our Letter Side Tables have oval or circular tabletops, depending on the letter itself. Commission a custom-made side table with the Arabic letter(s) of your choice! Learn More
  6. Makarem Side Tables

    Makarem Side Tables


    This set of three striking side tables can also be used as a coffee table. The famous Arab poet Al Mutanabbi once said: "Resolutions are measured according those who take them. And so much is true for generostiy and its givers". A celebration of this classical poetic verse though premium craftsmanship belongs only in the grandest of homes. Learn More
  7. Monogram Coffee Table

    Monogram Coffee Table


    A fully customisable coffee table produced per order only, featuring any two letters. You may base the design on your family initials, couple initials, etc. The monogram is engraved into the wood, and highlighted by the color and texture contrast. Accommodates 2 letters only. Learn More
  8. Mubarak coffee table

    Mubarak coffee table


    Featuring geometric Kufic calligraphy, this piece spells out 'Mubarak hatha el bayt', Arabic for 'blessed is this home'. A beautiful centerpiece for your living area, this table fuses contemporary design with traditional calligraphic forms. You can also choose to customize this table based on any Arabic phrase of your choice. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive the design preview within 2-3 working days. Accommodates a phrase with up to 5 words. Learn More

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